Fintech Innovation
June 26, 2019 Day 1
Opening Remarks
Jingti Han,Dean of the Institute of Financial Science and Technology,SUFE Chunjie Li,Deputy Secretary General of Shanghai Services Federation Fintech Professional Committee
Management Innovation in the Fintech Field
Shiwei Lin,Partner at Ernst & Young Consulting
A Technical Comparison of Quantitative Investment Home and Abroad
Henry Liang,Chief Expert of ICFRM
Award Ceremony
The Development and Regulation of Fintech in Britain
Cicy Shuang,Head of Fintech in the Department of International Trade Department,British Consulate General in Shanghai
Blockchain for Automotive Finance Packaging
Yushu Fang,CEO of Shanghai Daige Information Technology Co., Ltd.
Financial Development and Talent Cultivation under the Guidance of Science and Technology
Fei Xie,Deputy Director of the Laboratory Center of SUFE,Deputy Director of the Shanghai Key Laboratory of Financial Information Technology,and Deputy Dean of the Institute of Financial Technology of SUFE
State-owned Data Helps Intelligent Financial Application Innovation
Hanlin Tang,General Manager of East China Jiangsu Big Data Trading Center
Roundtable Forum on New Opportunities Brought by“Finance + Technology”
Moderator:  Meifang Luo,Founder of Lianzheng Finance Media
panelists:  Damu,General Manager of 761 Intl. Fintech Space
Xin Shi,CEO of Cloud Sharing Technology
Kailong Li,Founder of Jie Bo Technology
Lily Mu,Founder of Bitconch & DLT Capital
The Prototype and Trend of Chinese GDPR and Key Points in Corporate Compliance
Yuan He,Secretary General of Shanghai Administrative Law Research Association & Associate Professor of the Law School, SJTU
Promote Fintech Innovation Services to Keep Empowering the “Jinke New District”
Damu,General Manager of 761 Intl. Fintech Space
June 27, 2019 Day 2
Blockchain Technology Boost for CEEC 17+1 Collaboration
Matej Michalko,Founder & CEO of DECENT
Using Blockchain and IOT to Implement Intelligent Retailing
David Hsu,Managing Director of Way Innovation Co.
2019 Global Blockchain Innovation Top 50
Amber Yang,Founder of Daling Research & Director of China Blockchain Business Research Institute
Global Dynamics of Compliant Digital Asset Issuance
Yin Cao,Digital Renaissance Partner
How Smart Money Invests - Market Fundamentals in Practice
and the Source of Price Determination
Vlado Kysucky,BAEX CEO
Building a Future Commercial Infrastructure Based on Blockchain
Rui Guo,CEO of Ultrain Technology Limited.Co
Tea Break  
UBER - ising the Funds Industry
George Salapa,Managing Partner of bardicredit   
Blockchain to Help Games Enter Cross-border Market
Del Elson,Country Manager of ALAX
A Blockchain Network Highway
Aleksandar Kuzmanovic,Co-founder & Chief Architect of Bloxroute,Co-founder of Google Labs
The Deep Integration of “Blockchain + Industry"
Mingrui Liu,Vice President of GINGKOO
Roundtable Forum on The Development and Application of the Blockchain Technology in China.
Panalists:  Yong Zhao,DECENT China General Manager
Dachao Tian,Founder of Global Blockchain Fund Alliance
Haozhou Du,Vice President of the International Digital Economics and Culture
Dong Cai,McDonald's China CDO/CIO & Founder of InfiniVision
The Path to Break Through Red Sea of Blockchain Industry
Wei He,Co-founder of Lbank
Trend in Blockchain Global Market
Kun Hu, Blockchain.News Parent Company CEO
Digital Securities Issuance: A Strategic Passage for Assets to Break Through Global Liquidity
Devin Wong,Founder of The Cabin Capital
Lunch Break
Forum on What Impact Will the Blockchain Technology Bring on Globalization?
Panalists:  Addy Crezee,Blockshow CEO
Alvaro Fernández,JRR Vice President
Michal Geci,Head of Innovations DECENT
Mars Karasawa,Soundlinks CEO
Xiaochen Zhang,President of FinTech4Good
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